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Our very own Susie Loh interviewed by Clive Robertson on 2UE recently. Susie said  “I was a little worried about Clive and his dry aussie whit and how supportive he would be?” Listen to the result and you be the judge?

2UE-Clive Robertson and Susie Loh 23-07-14 (1)

Someone was so impressed with Susie’s interviews with Clive, that the call came from Tim Webster asking for the Choir this time to join him and perform on his Sunday afternoon show?

Sure, bring the into studio that might have room for about twelve people? So Susie. Jerry and Candice took a small selection of the team to strut their stuff. With three sets of cans (headphones) between twelve people ( the rest were singing without being able to hear the backing track) they did an amazing job! We all should be very proud.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview

Rap battle: Hamish & Andy vs Fitzy & Wippa

Who’ll score the win?!

The problem with taking on mates in a rap battle? They know ALL your dirty secrets. And Hamish & Andy didn’t hold anything back when they took on Fitzy & Wippa in Rap Up of the Week.

From bodily functions and gambling debts to wardrobes and body hair, NOTHING was off the table when the boys dropped the beat. But could Fitzy & Wippa’s secret weapon give them the win?

SPOILER ALERT: We were the secret weapon

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