Testimonials From our Members

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself singing on stage. I had not sung since school days, and after a lifetime of working and raising a family, I didn’t even know if I could still sing.  Thanks to The Rock’n Soul Choir, I found my voice again and the courage to get out and do things that I thought had long passed me by.  I have a new found wealth of friendships and even bigger repertoire of songs….” Deborah  Lee AM

“After leaving school, I was so busy with work and children and life in general, I had very little time for myself. My weekly singing rehearsals with The Rock’n Soul Choir really lifts my spirits.  So many positive things have come out of singing with the Choir.  Quite apart from the singing and performance skills I have learnt, the opportunity to sing on stage at some fabulous events, are opportunities that I doubt I would never experienced in my lifetime.  To share the power of music and song with others, lets my spirit soar!”  Sharyn Wrenford 

“There is something special about a group of people who come together through a love of life, and a passion for music. This is why I have always been drawn to join many choirs and musical groups over the last forty years. Music has formed a most important part of my life and I love to sing, however, I never really felt at home until I found he Rock’n Soul Choir. All I can say is give it a go, don’t delay I promise you too will feel at home.”  Ross Lambert

“I look forward to my weekly dose of Rock and Soul.  The people and songs simply raise my spirits.  I was always told at school that I couldn’t sing, but The Rock’n Soul Choir helped me find my voice is so many ways.  I have a new found confidence and have made so many new friends along the way ”   Grace Brown

“Since I left school, I simply have had no opportunity to sing until I found the R & S Choir. Not only do I get to sing songs I love, I get to hang out with a great bunch of like-minded people.”  Lisa Stenberg

“I have been a member of several of top Sydney Choirs but none has been as rewarding as my eight years with The Rock’n Soul Choir. I love being in a Choir where I not only have lots of fun but have also received singing and performance tips from expert teachers.   I have really enjoyed this experience of a lifetime – the “Soul” not just refers to the songs… it also encapsulates the awesome atmosphere and rapport. Thanks Candice Susie and Jerry for continuing to share your wonderful talents.  I simply love my Monday nights singing with the Ryde Rock’n Soul Choir and then the opportunity to join all the other Choirs when we perform at community festivals and charity functions”  Eleanor Taig.

“Coming from a medical background, I always knew that singing was quite literally good for your health and wonderful therapy for your heart, mind and soul.  The pleasure I get from singing with this incredible Choir far exceeded my expectations.  It makes me feel so happy and full of life ”   Peter Chung

“The Rock’n Soul Choir has enabled me to realise a previously unrealised passion for singing. Singing with like-minded people has helped me grow and develop, and challenge my own personal boundaries. Aside from this, the expert tuition and direction has given me confidence and opportunity to perform in the public arena which I previously would never have been able to do.”  Greg Harrison

“I have enjoyed our Tuesday evenings so much probably because the power of music is so uplifting to the soul. My friend asked me to join with her as this is something she knew that I have always wanted to do. The enthusiasm that Susie, Candice and Jerry bring to the choir is so wonderfully inspirational that I am sure it will be the success of the choir. I have just watched the “Choir of Hard Knocks” for the second time and now understand, in a very small way, how each of the members of that choir must feel after their sessions together. As I say the power of music is wonderful. Thanks for the great effort.”  Maiva Smyth

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