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The men’s group we call the RYDERS rehearses between 7pm – 8.00pm each Monday night, then the main mixed choir rehearses straight after 8pm-9.30pm at The big Civic Hall which is on the corner of Devlin Street and Blaxland Rd, Top Ryde.


The RYDERS are just a group of normal everyday guys, but when they don their suits, sunglasses and hats, they look like something out of ‘Men in Black” and sound remarkably like “The Jersey Boys with a few rough edges’!.    Although ‘The Ryders’ are a relative new group, they have already performed at several Council festivals, community events and private venues throughout Sydney.




Ryde Choir rehearsals are held on Monday night from 7pm  in the big Civic Hall at :

Cnr. Blaxland Rd & Devlin St

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