At The Rock’n Soul Choir, we have evolved past the traditional choir model to proudly host, ‘Sing Up @ The Pub’ (A pop-up, live music choir at the pub!)
The Rock’n Soul Choir also hosts community jam sessions and other fun, singing related events that anyone and everyone can join in!
Whether you think you “can” or “can’t” sing… You are PERFECT the way you are!

Create a moment for YOU. You’re not just joining a choir… you’re joining the band!

What is Sing Up @ the Pub?

Should we say a choir session on steroids?! Our audience is the most important part of our band!

Complete with live music, total strangers band together, take a leap of faith and learn to sing a popular song in perfect… (or not so perfect), 3 part harmony!
No judgement, talent, audition or reading of music is required – Leave that shit at the door!

This is just fun! All that’s required, is YOU and a working elbow to sip & sing!
You can keep track of when every ‘Sing Up @ The Pub’ session takes place on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/singupthepub
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